The Best IV Solutions in Medellín

What is IV Therapy or IV Vitamin Therapy?

Our IV therapies are the best in Medellin and have been specially formulated by top scientists to provide you with the wellness and recovery you deserve. We provide an opportunity to refresh, revive and renew yourself in a safe and tranquil setting.

Our treatments include hangover cures and we adhere to the most stringent cleanliness and hygiene practices.

We can visit you at your home for your therapy or you can come to our wellness center. We offer five different IV therapies to choose from, namely hangover cures, therapies for sportspeople, and more.

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IV Hangover Cure

One of our most popular IV vitamin therapy drips is our hangover cure. Don’t stop enjoying yourself, come in for a treatment the morning after, and feel your best again in no time.

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How Revive Medellin Works?


Choose your package

We provide relief in a tranquil setting, choose which treatment will work best for you.


Nurse Review

One of our highly trained nurses will review your chosen treatment and your medical history to ensure you are safe at all times.



Someone from our medical team will administer the IV drip and be there if you have any questions.


That Great Feeling

You can start feeling the effects of your treatment quickly. Get ready to start feeling amazing.


hangover cure drip bag

Hangover Remedy Drips

$40 USD

Drink today, feel great tomorrow, Perfect for when you feel like you are never going to drink again.

athlete drip bag

All-Star Athlete Drip

$45 USD

Going extreme or having a competition? feel your best with this drip.

Imune drip bag

Immune Booster Drip

$40 USD

Strengthen your immune system and do not fall into diseases or body ailments.

energy drip bag

Energy Booster Drip

$40 USD

De-motivated from lack of energy? Get back on top of things. Feel great again in no time.

pre hangover drip bag

Pre-Hangover Drip

$45 USD

Prepare for those nights out on the town and never regret a great night out again.


The Pre-Hangover Package $100USD

Pre hangover package

Pre Hangover Drip, Mask, Back Massage, and Hair Cut

The Hangover Package $80USD

hangover package

Hangover Drip, Mask, and Back Massage

Who are we?

We are a clinic that supplies the city of Medellín with IV therapy for improved health and wellbeing. Treatments at our facility are administered by our registered nurses, who are highly skilled with extensive experience.

Many years of professional experience ensure they work according to the most advanced and safest protocols, meaning that our clients receive the best care. All equipment is sterilized and single-use, and administered in a clean and hygienic environment.

Girl Feeling refresh

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